Software Outsourcing

Vijani technologies delivers end to end software solutions extending from re-engineering of present software in the market to improvement of new solutions from the bottom up. With years of experience in software development and at work with big enterprises from most assorted business verticals, Vijani technologies has developed enough experience to securely guarantee the development and delivery of even the most complex requirements.
Influential Deployment of Human Resource

The process of designing and development is shield with constant monitoring and QA check at every development cycle.
Why Outsource to Vijani technologies?
Vast Expertise: Over the Years, Vijani technologies has accumulated broad expertise in all the key technologies while working on clients projects in different business domains. Our experience includes delivering solutions for small business websites and applications to multifaceted data driven enterprise management software.
Skilled Team: Our immaculate software outsourcing services are driven by a robust team of skilled IT experts having broad industry experience and a highly creative work potential. Vijani technologies believes in giving total client satisfaction along with lasting results and this mindset is shared by every employee of the establishment. Hiring best industry professionals and instilling our principles in them has armed us with a highly motivated and challenge devoted team of IT professionals.
IT Infrastructure: Vijani technologies has development centers with state of the art IT infrastructure, and it is armed with latest cutting edge technologies. We have shaped the perfect work environment which enables our software engineers to perform their research and software development activities.
Intellectual Property Security: Vijani technologies knows the value of your sensitive business information and follows a very firm set of rules and processes to guarantee thorough security of all your data. We also sign a non disclosure agreement with our customers to guard their intellectual property from being abused.
Smooth Project Management and Delivery: To make the whole software development and organization process completely smooth, we have gathered handpicked project managers and business analysts in our IT organization. These specialists make sure that the entire engagement process is adequate for the client.

If you have a great project design or a multifaceted requirement that you want to employ, contact us now to get a planned solution and a price quote for the project.

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