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Vijani stands at the verge of the revolution of web-based business. In Internet edge, everyone is looking for online presence. Endurance of a worldwide business or targeting online industry without a website is completely impossible in this growing IT trend. The website has become an integral part and play a vital role strengthen your corporate identity on the World Wide Web.

When we start working on your project, our goal is to make sure that the final result meets following four key objectives:

  • Web-site appeals to the target audience
  • HTML coding
  • Web-site is easy to use
  • Web-site is effective
Vijani technologies is a professional web design company that specializes in content-rich and user friendly web designs. We have a competitive advantage over other web design companies in the market with our clean design, easy navigation, outstanding graphics and powerhouse customized programming skills. We handle clients ranging from the small and medium sized companies to the big corporate houses and other B2B and B2C marketers.
A design component of web site development includes:
  • Web site template design and development for the main and inner pages
  • HTML coding
  • Graphics elements development
  • Logo creation (optional)
  • Macromedia Flash animation development (optional)
  • Picture editing and optimizing

Web site implementation time varies from 5 to 30 days, depending on the project difficulty. Your location does not hinder, since we work internationally and very effectively.
Our core strengths lie in designing interfaces for interactive web-sites and complex web applications. We offer designs that are both aesthetic in appeal and superior in performance. The designs, graphics, animation are unique and effectively present your company and products through web media.

We follow these steps, while designing a website or web application

  • Conduct Comprehensive Study and Review of the Client Requirements
  • Perform User and Task Analysis
  • Create Design Templates for Client Approval
  • Continuous Communication with Client throughout the Designing Phase
  • Check thoroughly Browser Compatibility
  • Deliver the Final Design, Assist in Upload if Required

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